Guard Service in and around Manhattan, New York City, New York, NYC, and NY

BLD022075Security is important to New York City businesses. From protecting your assets to ensuring the safety of your employees — you want a system that does it all, and Virtual Doorman® is here to deliver! Traditional security guard service is expensive, and it means putting your faith and security in the hands of an individual. What if you could enjoy the protection and peace of mind that guard service offers, with the superior security that only state-of-the-art technology can provide? And what if you could do all of that at fraction of the cost of hiring a security guard service? Well, with Virtual Doorman® you can!

We utilize the latest in video surveillance and access control technology to provide New York businesses and apartment buildings with superior protection and convenience. No more depending on a security guard to remain vigilant and honest. With Virtual Doorman® you can be confident that your NY facility is safe and always under the watchful eye of our highly trained and responsive monitoring team. Our remote access guard service provides all the same services of a traditional security guard service but at a fraction of the cost. Our system allows you to keep track of who is coming and going, limit access to approved residents or personnel, accept packages and keep your New York City building secure. By integrating video surveillance with access control and remote monitoring, our virtual guard service can keep a comprehensive log of who accesses your NYC facility and when. Should an incident occur, our monitoring staff can quickly contact the appropriate authorities and have help on the way.

Does your New York business handle highly sensitive material or have a need for increased security? Whether it’s a jewelry store, medical facility or other high security industry, Virtual Doorman® has your virtual guard service solution! In fact, our system can work in conjunction with your security guard service, providing additional surveillance when your guards go on break or are busy attending to any issues that may arise. Our system also acts as an additional layer of security, protecting your security guards and sending help should they become incapacitated or injured.

At Virtual Doorman®, we work with you to understand your NYC business’ unique security needs and challenges, so we can develop a comprehensive system that delivers superior protection. Contact us to get started. We appreciate the opportunity to put our virtual guard service technology and expertise to work for you.