24/7 Interactive Video Surveillance

Interactive video surveillance enables us to view activity at your property, interact with the premises, and take action as necessary and according to your specific instructions. Virtual Doorman® carefully controls the cameras to track activity and secure the premises. Functioning as the eyes and ears of the system, Virtual Doorman® uses a proprietary combination of CCTV and interactive audio video monitoring to gain visual access to your property to perform their job.

Building Entrance
Package Room
Laundry Room
Mechanical Room
Resident Lounge

For outdoor monitoring of the front entrance, roof, garden or other areas, we use high-resolution auto iris cameras – which provide clear, strong images. For monitoring of indoor areas, we utilize mini and micro dome cameras which deliver high-resolution images while remaining almost entirely hidden. Corner mounted, wide angle cameras offer full coverage in small areas such as elevators. All images are stored on the system’s digital video recorder. In the event of an incident, all video footage can be easily retrieved and exported to a CD or DVD, and given to the police or the management company.

Audio/Video Analytics


Virtual Doorman® takes Audio/Video Surveillance to another level to assure Rapid Emergency Response for maximum security. Nothing gets by Virtual Doorman® because infallible computers at our off-site command center – not fallible people – monitor everything that the cameras in your building see, hear and record. When a crime, accident or anything out of the ordinary occurs, an alert is sent to a live operator, who responds appropriately, immediately.

Virtual Escort Service

“Virtual Escort” service is available if tenants would like to be visually escorted into the building or up to their apartment floor.

Voice Intervention

Each lobby includes a speaker which lets the Virtual Doorman® operator communicate with delivery personnel and guests. Typically this involves giving directions to the package room, but could also include warning trespassers that the police are being called in the event of criminal activity or vandalism.

Remote Video Lookup & Retrieval

Any incidents involving criminal activity will be retrieved for free when requested by law enforcement personnel, building management, or an officer from the building board.

Off-site Access Log Storage

The access control system logs are stored remotely on our server and are typically archived for one year. This allows our technicians to perform long term access log reports for building managers and coop boards.