Virtual Doorman Testimonials

Virtual Doorman® has secured New York City buildings for over 15 years. We commit to delivering the highest level of service as humanly possible, while standing behind the products and technology that brings Virtual Doorman® to life.

View authentic testimonial letters below from some of our satisfied clients.

Don Hochberg, Silverstone Property Group

Roger Dib, Great Jones Street Property

Fredric Oliver, Wheaton/TMW 4th Avenue Limited Partnership

Sergeant Michael Bock, NY Police Department

Detective James Meehan, NY Police Department

Michael Robinson, 41 Seventh Avenue South, LLC

Lynn Feasley, Condo Board Member, The Colannade

Kristin Blodgette, Building Manager, 50 West 127th Street

Vince Cammarata, Block Hall Condo President

Nyhja King, Robert E. Hill, Inc.

Blue Woods Management Group, Inc.

Vicki Hoelzer, Luxury Lofts & Homes

Avi Basher, Cristom Construction Services, Inc.