Video Security in NY, New York, NYC

Facts About Video Security


Most of us, when we hear the words “video security”, tend to think just about crime prevention. But there is more to video security than you might think at first. At some point we’ve all thought about purchasing security cameras in order to be more protected at home or at the working place – and here’s why you should do it if you haven’t yet.

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Video security is not a new term

Even if you are on the street, in a shopping mall, or in a bar… almost all public places are equipped with video security and surveillance. We are used to seeing video cameras everywhere.  Although many of us might think that this is a pretty new business, video security has been around since 1942 and people have started using them in the 1960s at home. Video security was created by Walter Bruch, a German engineer so they could see the launch of rocket V2.

It appears that there are around 25 million security cameras in operation throughout the world at the moment.

More than crime

Video security can be used for more than just crime evidence and crime prevention. Although most of people install video cameras for preventing and for evidence of some kind of crime, they can also be used in working places.

For example in an industrial area, where by having video security you can supervise the manufacturing processes from afar and only go in the factory when it is necessary.

Another use would be if you wanted to measure the temperature in an environment that is not safe for people, or when you want to observe a dangerous phenomenon.

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