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The Job of a Security Guard

What is a security guard?

A security guard is a person who protects a building or a property against vandalism, fire, invasion, or any kind of crime. Their job is to monitor people and buildings, in order to be sure that there is no intrusion of any kind.

What are the tasks of a security guard?

There are a few responsibilities that a security guard has: first of all, he has to be very vigilant and protect the property from theft or any kind of attack.

  • He enforces law on the owner’s property, meaning that he is enabled to do everything he needs to in order to protect the property.
  • He also has to constantly monitor security cameras, to see if he can detect any movement.
  • He is the one who controls the access of employees and outsiders, which means that it is his responsibility if an unauthorized person enters the property.

Even when everything seems to be in order, the security guard has to check on the area, making sure that there are no intruders. Every single time they are one duty, they have to write reports, in which to present what they have noticed during the patrol, even if there was nothing significant. Sometimes their job also implies talking to witnesses for court testimony and lastly, they detain criminal violators.

As it shows, being a security guard brings a lot of challenges and responsibilities, because people’s safety depends on their attention and dedication to their work.

Nowadays security is extremely important, as we live in a dangerous world; that is why there are agencies that can provide security services for us, keeping us safe. The Virtual Doorman is such a reliable agency, with exceptional security services, being present in Manhattan and New York City.

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