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Advantages and disadvantages of video security


Are you thinking about getting video security? Whether you want to purchase a video security system for your business or home, you should take in consideration both its benefits and disadvantages. Protecting both your home and your business is very important, and having video security system can come in handy.

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The main reason why people purchase video security systems is safety. Whether is about their home or business, they want their properties secured at all times. Plus, if something does happen, the video security system gathers all the evidence.

Another advantage is portability. You can place the video cameras almost anywhere you want, as long as they are close enough to a power source. And they are not only portable, but also they come in all sizes and shapes, so you can hid them in photo frames, plants, etc.

You can use video evidence from surveillance cameras in trials or in investigations. The safety system can also be linked to a police number and emergency number. It can be triggered automatically on movement, light, etc., and it can automatically call the police and a safety guards team when it detects abnormal activity on site.


One of the main disadvantages when it comes to video security systems is privacy. This is a problem especially at home, when you want to have as much privacy as possible. Also, at work your employees might feel like you don’t trust them and to some of them may cause anxiety.

The next disadvantage is that although you can prevent and gather evidence on any kind of crime, in many cases you can’t stop it. In many cases, and although you might get notification that something’s happening, you might not get there in time. This is why it is best when you connect your safety system to the police or to a private security guard company who can act quickly and effectively in case something happens.

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