Video Security in NY, NYC

If you have a business or apartment in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY or NYC you will understand the importance of building security. Effective building security requires effective solutions such as video security and a security guard service. Video surveillance is an essential part of any effective part of any building or apartment security solution. A security guard service whether in the form a virtual doorman or a human guard is another crucial element in the security of your building, apartment or facility.

Video security provides you with the means to record events in and around your business and can be used to identify and convict wrongdoers. Video surveillance can also be monitored in real time which means that a response to an incident can be fast and effective. Video surveillance can also be integrated with door access control thereby providing you with visual as well as electronic access control. When you have video security it means there are high definition close circuit cameras that record footage of events in and around your facility. The placement of these cameras is also very important and a security specialist such as Virtual Doorman will be able to help you with the placement as well as related matters. With video security your business, building, apartment or facility will be whole late safer and more secure. Video surveillance also helps to improve productivity and also acts as a deterrent to crime and other unwanted acts and behavior.  Monitored video surveillance can also be effective in triggering a fast response to any situation, event or incident.

Door access control is also crucial to your overall building or apartment security. Proper door access control should be designed to allow access to authorised personnel and visitors and to deny access to people who do not have proper authorisation. The most effective way to achieve this is with a virtual security guard service such as a virtual doorman. Virtual access usually requires devices such as card readers, proximity cards, electronic keypads and locks. Biometric access control solutions are also available.

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