Building Security Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY or NYC

Video security provides the surveillance you need to help keep your NYC building safe

Few people will question the need for video security or a virtual security guard service in today’s dangerous world.  For effective building security in Manhattan, New York, New York City, NY or NYC you should speak to the experts at Virtual Doorman. They have cutting edge video security solutions and an innovative and bleeding edge virtual security guard service.


If you want keep your New York or Manhattan business safe, then you need the kind of technology driven security solutions supplied by Virtual Doorman. One of key factors to keeping your NYC business safe is effective surveillance. The right video security solution will provide you with effective surveillance that acts as a deterrent to crime and unwanted behavior. With proper video security and real time surveillance you will have peace of mind knowing a competent security officer is keeping a watchful eye over your business. Video security does not have to be a stand-alone solution.  Proper integration with other security options such as door access control will provide you with a security blanket that will be difficult to breach.


A traditional security guard service does have a role in certain cases but most small to medium sized businesses will do better with a virtual security system. First of all a traditional security guard service will cost more than a virtual security system and won’t be as effective. A human guard needs time off, can be distracted, can be neutralised, can fall asleep, needs to go to the restroom, can forget things and so on. A virtual security guard service does not need time off, does not fall asleep and does not forget anything. A virtual security system that is remotely monitored cannot be neutralised. And best of all you can get a virtual security guard service at a much lower cost than a traditional human guard service.

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