Job Objective
To Be The Virtual Doorman®
In Your Building

Category Leader

Virtual Doorman® is New York City’s Busiest Doorman. Now opening doors for more than 13,000 residents in 275 buildings. More every week. Expanding nationwide. Once Virtual Doorman® gets the job, he keeps it. Drop-out rate under 2% over 10 years.

Category Originator

First to provide 24/7 doorman services from an off-site command center. 90% more cost-effective than humanly possible. Creator of today’s fast-growing remote doorman business. Still the industry’s dominant force and leading innovator.

Core Functions

Secure buildings, greet visitors, provide access, accept deliveries, and faciliate maintenance and service calls. Send text messages or emails when dog walkers, housekeepers, or baby-sitters arrive or leave.

  • In live doorman buildings, Virtual Doorman® becomes the Doorman’s Doorman, extending and augmenting the live doorman with unique capabilities like Audio/Video Analytics, Interactive Web Portal, On-the-go Mobile App and Red Hat Services.

Differentiating Technologies

  • The industry’s only Interactive Web Portal and On-The-Go Mobile App for iPhone and Android. Empowers building residents to give instructions, digitally, from wherever they are – anywhere in the world.
  • Beyond Audio/Video Surveillance: Audio/Video Analytics. Provides Rapid Emergency Response For Maximum Security. Nothing gets by Virtual Doorman® because infallible computers at our off-site command center – not fallible people – monitor everything that the cameras in your building see, hear and record. When a crime, accident or anything out of the ordinary occurs, an alert is sent to a live operator, who responds appropriately, immediately.
  • Front-Door Intercom Response Time: Under 10 Seconds!
  • All Digital IP end of 2014. (Analog for back-up only)

Exclusive Resident Services

  • Virtual Doorman® Gets Real with 3 Exclusive New Red Hat Services!
  • Red Hat Concierge powered by Abigail Michaels for almost everything else, including: restaurant and travel reservations, tickets for shows and sports events, babysitters, housekeepers, movers, dog walkers, movers, tutors, personal trainers, translators, life coaches, decorators, personal shoppers, event planners, caterers, cooks, handymen, painters, carpenters, IT advisors,financial planners, even apartment sitters who will wait for the cable guy to arrive and do his job when you just can’t stay home.
  • Red Hat Newspaper, Magazine and Beverage Delivery powered by Mitchell’s NY.

References provided to building owners and managers upon request.