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Innovative Solutions for Everyone

Virtual Doorman® became the dominant force in the fast growing remote doorman industry by creating the technology and delivering the system that offers the best answer to every critical need of every important decision-maker.

Whether you are a building resident, developer, architect, contractor, or broker, our team can assist you with choosing the appropriate system components and services in order to maximize your budget.

The professionals at Virtual Doorman® will work with you to address your project’s specific needs and create a customized package that is tailored to your property.

In a world where young professionals, their parents and even their grandparents are increasingly comfortable with smartphones and digital technology, Virtual Doorman’s® time has come. He’s the “right guy” at the right price for the doorman job in your building.

For specific information on how our system can benefit you, please look for your section below.

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We Understand Your Needs.

The Virtual Doorman® team has over ten years of experience working in the New York residential market and have worked with dozens of developers to help them get the most out of their property and provide their residents outstanding doorman services as cost-efficiently as possible. Our sales representatives know the features and amenities potential buyers or renters are looking for in every New York City neighborhood and can work with you during the process in order to insure that your Virtual Doorman® system helps your project stand above the competition.

Systems can be designed to fit any budget and we offer three tiers of service. We can provide service 24 hours a day or only partial service, such as daytime or overnight shifts.

Our customized solutions are tailored to provide you with the most value for your investment.

Add Amenities. Reduce Costs. Increase Building Desirability.

The Virtual Doorman® system can either replaces or reduce the need for a full time doorman at building, or act as your “Doorman’s Doorman”, significantly broadening his capabilities and his value to your residents. As a developer, you are now able to offer the benefits of a traditional doorman for a fraction of the monthly cost, usually no more than 10%. As a result, your building’s common charges are reduced, leading to lower maintenance fees. Lower common charges and increased amenities further differentiates your project and usually increases interest from potential buyers.

Increased interest leads to higher prices and faster sales, meaning that you can complete your project faster and move on to the next one.

Coordination Is Key.

Our sales representative will work with you in order to determine what system features are ideal for your building. Our in-house engineering staff will work hand in hand with your architect and contractors in order to insure that the system has the necessary requirements, such as power and electronic locks. When the time comes to install your system, your dedicated project manager will oversee the installation process from start to finish. Finally, when your system is online, it will be connected to our monitoring center and pool of trained agents.

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Building Manager

Virtual Doorman® will follow your instructions to grant building access to the vendors you’ve selected to keep your building running smoothly and monitor their activities as you require. Our interactive web portal, a unique Virtual Doorman® management tool, provides a central point of communication between you and your residents. The portal has a maintenance tracking feature that makes it easy for residents to report issues to you, as well as providing you with an efficient system for following up with residents on outstanding issues.

Our client at 88 Washington Place in New York City says this about Virtual Doorman®:

“You guys make my job so much easier because I have eyes and ears on the building, with no on-site supervisor or security at anytime. I can rest easy at knowing that Virtual Doorman is constantly monitoring who accesses the building.

“I’m also assured that “unauthorized” contractors or vendors will not access the building unless approved by management and confirmed. You make my job easier because when something does happen in the building, I can count on Virtual Doorman to capture the footage and solve the case. I feel like I have a team of experienced security guards at the building 24/7 for a fraction of the cost, and these cost savings are what really help out a manager.”

“I love Virtual Doorman!”

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As the contractor, you can count on us as one of your sub-contractors. You can rest assured that we will work hand-in-hand with you to make the project run smoothly and without issue. We understand the construction process and are able to work to meet your scheduling and quality requirements. In the event of a problem on site, our knowledgeable staff will provide options and solutions that are aimed at keeping the client happy and the project on track.

We Act As Your Partner.

During the construction process, our installation team and project manager will represent you in coordinating our work with other vendors. Proper coordination ensures that our systems will interface properly with other subcontractors in order to provide the solution that the customer expects. Once the building is online, you can use the electronic key safe to keep track of unit keys and grant access to other subcontractors that need to complete their punch list. The CCTV system also records activity in the building and can be activated early in order to protect high value items, such as appliances and fixtures.

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Experts In Our Field

Our staff is experienced and well versed with the construction process and can help make your job easier. Our in house engineering team is ready to answer your questions and can create detailed drawings that illustrate how the system will be installed or how it will look once installed. We also understand how our system relates to the rest of the building and can provide expertise on subjects such as door hardware, elevator integration, CCTV camera placement, and system integration.

When something at the site does not match what is in the plan, we work with you, the construction manager, and the client in order to fix the problem and provide the best solution. In order to provide a single point of contact, we dedicate a project manager to each site for the duration of the installation.

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More Amenities = More Interest

The Virtual Doorman system is a luxury amenity that today’s buyers are seeking. Additionally, the system can include CCTV cameras, a color video intercom system, electronic card access, and resident key safe. Each of these options provides prospective buyers with added security, peace of mind, and convenience. The lower common charge and increased privacy compared to a traditional doorman building also helps attract potential buyers.

Security That Makes Your Life Easy

As a broker, you have probably run into the situation where your client wants to view an apartment right now, and although your schedule is open, you lack the keys to the unit. With the Virtual Doorman system and tenant key safe, our operators can grant you access to the building 24/7 and you can retrieve the unit’s key on site. Keeping the key on site ensures that other team members will have access, and the Virtual Doorman system ensures that you are ready to show at a moment’s notice.

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Secure Your Building Without Sacrificing Convenience

The Virtual Doorman system ensures that your building remains secure, while still allowing you to receive packages and deliveries. The card access system means that you can simply touch your fob to the reader and unlock the door. Our electronic key safe lets you grant access to friends, family, and staff such as dog walkers or cleaners when you are away from home. It also means that there is always a spare set of keys available, so you are never locked out.

Increase Resale Value

Adding amenities like the Virtual Doorman system, CCTV, card access, and key safe improve the resale value of your unit as well as the others in the building. The Virtual Doorman service costs significantly less than a traditional doorman, resulting in lower common charges. Lower common charges translate to more interest from potential buyers. Increased interest from prospective buyers tends to lead to higher property values and a reduced time on market.