Frequently Asked Questions

Brownstone building for Virtual DoormanWhat’s the cost?
Please click here and fill out the quote form; the system will calculate the approximate cost and email you a quote shortly.

Do you install Virtual Doorman® in new construction only?
No. We provide installations and service in both new and pre-existing buildings. In new development, it is best to install the system early on in the process thus avoiding extra work patching and painting after the walls are completed. Proper planning will also reduce the amount of redundant equipment ensuring the most cost-efficient solution.

Are all remote doorman companies the same?
NO, there is a dramatic difference between our service and the service provided by a number of copycat providers. Come in for a demo and we can prove it.

Can I use my existing equipment?
Yes, while the Virtual Doorman® system does require some additional equipment and a site license, in most cases, your existing equipment can be used and will save you money on the total cost of installation.

How long does it take to install?
A typical installation takes approximately 3-5 days depending on the age of the building, design and total scope of the project.

Does someone watch the cameras 24/7?
The cameras are recording 24/7/365 and operators respond on demand. No one is constantly viewing the cameras, as there is no provider that can watch all of the cameras 24/7 in a cost effective manner. We leverage technology like motion sensors and door contacts to assist the operators in monitoring a building.

What happens if I’m home?
You can choose to service yourself by simply answering the buzzer and speaking directly to the visitor on your intercom or you can have Virtual Doorman® service your guest or delivery person.

What happens if I’m having a party?
You can opt to have Virtual Doorman® greet your guests and grant them access or you can allow them access yourself through your intercom.

What happens if someone tries to break in/uses a false name/follows a resident in?
We have a patent pending system that positively identifies guests and delivery personnel to ensure we only allow access to authorized parties.

Are you hiring doormen?
No, our Command Centers are located in Florida and Maine and therefore we do not employ doormen in our offices. At the Command Center, each Operator must be a certified Virtual Doorman® Operator and live locally in Florida and Maine.

Do you install Virtual Doorman® service in single houses in suburban neighborhoods?
Our system can be installed in any type of property. However, it is much more cost effective in buildings with 4 to 125 units.

Who monitors the system?
Our Operators are the best in the business and provide unparalleled Customer Service. Most of our Supervisors have 5 years or more experience and our Operations Manager has more than 10 years of experience in providing remote doorman services.

How long have you been in business for?
We have been in business over 15 years and have been providing Virtual Doorman® service for more than 12 years.