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Virtual Doorman® is the widely-accepted rapidly-growing, technologically advanced alternative to a live doorman. Why are so many residential buildings in New York City turing to our electronic doorman service?

Well, for starters, Virtual Doorman® performs nearly every important duty of a traditional doorman service, and it is 90% more cost-efficient. In New York and Manhattan where property management expenses are already high, Virtual Doorman® allows you to reduce your operating costs, without sacrificing the service and security that your tenants want. Accepting deliveries, aiding tenants who get locked out and providing entry to guests are just a few of the many features that our revolutionary technology provides.

However, you don’t need to do away with your live doorman service all together, unless that’s your desire. In fact, many NYC buildings are implementing an electronic doorman service to enhance their existing security. In live doorman buildings, Virtual Doorman® assumes the position of the Doorman’s Doorman – supplementing and empowering the live doorman in many important ways. So whether you are looking for a full-time solution 24/7, want to support your current doorman service or enjoy more cost-effective security during your NY building’s off hours, Virtual Doorman® can be customized to meet your needs and your budget.

Smiling Doorman

Smiling Doorman

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For 2015, Virtual Doorman® still gets all the basic doorman duties right, but now he’s much more evolved – faster and smoother than ever before. And now, with the introduction of exclusive new Virtual Doorman® Red Hat Concierge, Valet and Delivery Services, he literally becomes the city’s most capable doorman doing everything possible to make living in New York a whole lot easier for building residents.

Security Control Room

The 2015 Virtual Doorman® still secures your building with audio/video surveillance. But now the system offers you the option to upgrade to maximum building security with audio/video analytics, so that you can have infallible computers monitoring your video – not people who are likely to miss something by nodding off or turning away. This insures that nothing ever gets by your Virtual Doorman®.Couple at IntercomThe 2015 Virtual Doorman® still greets and provides access to guests and visitors. But today’s system does it in record-breaking time! Under 7 seconds on average as compared to the 20-25 seconds it used to take our operator to pull up the resident’s page on our interactive web portal, check for authorized visitors or deliveries and either grant or deny access. On another note, today’s Virtual Doorman® system will even accept special requests from tenants who want text or email messages sent to them when their dog walkers, housekeepers, or babysitters arrived and leave.

Lockout Protection

The 2015 Virtual Doorman® still provides residents with lock-out protection. But today’s system offers an Electronic Key-Safe usually located in the package room where residents are assigned their own slots to keep extra sets of keys, fobs or cards. The resident must use his own pre-assigned pass- code to unlock the Safe and retrieve his key in the one slot that is illuminated. No other keys in the Safe can be released because every key requires a different pass-code. Upon instructions from residents, Virtual Doorman® will direct authorized guests or housekeepers who have been given the right pass-codes to the electronic Key-Safe.

Access Control

The 2015 Virtual Doorman® still offers the industry’s only Interactive Web Portal. Residents can convey their instructions and preferences and report maintenance issues, and where property managers communicate with residents and schedule service calls. The difference this year is that all that communication can now be done through the industry’s only On-The-Go Mobile App which is available on iPhone and Android and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


The 2015 Virtual Doorman® still admits your authorized delivery person to the building, instructs him to the package room under video surveillance and notifies you by email that your delivery is waiting to be picked up. But today’s system also offers a completely new Reception Management System that requiring a Front Desk or Package room building attendant equipped with a laptop and a Virtual Doorman® Scanning Wand. With this system, the attendant scans the package, uploads the image to the laptop and emails it to the resident along with a message that the package is now available for pick up.

The 2015 Virtual Doorman® does so much more for residents than the original…but he still can’t talk sports, walk your dog, park your car, gossip about neighbors in the building, or accept tips. With new Red Hat Services, so much of what he can do will improve almost every aspect of your life.