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Getting Cutting Edge Results While Cutting Costs

Strategic property management is crucial in order to limit the depreciation of a property, while also ensuring that the tenants of a property feel like they are receiving the treatment that they have paid to receive. If an experienced manager is put in place, proper and effective property management will allow for the owner of a property to focus more on investing in other activities or ventures. However, with the expenses of hiring physical doormen constantly rising, due to salary, benefits, etc., traditional effective property management is becoming much too expensive for the majority of building owners.


In today’s property management field, the remote doorman industry is flourishing as the most cost effective and innovative form of secure and precise property management. With the integration of Virtual Guard into the Virtual Doorman service and product, VDM is both helpful and secure. With the implementation of Virtual Doorman, a building owner will not have to worry about ensuring that a doorman is positioned at the main entrances of their building around the clock, because Virtual Doorman does that for them. Implementing the most recent property management and surveillance technology, while also cutting the costs of a traditional property management system seems almost unattainable to most property owners; but Virtual Doorman makes this a great option.





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“We are really competing against ourselves”

Why so many of our competitors flatter us on a daily basis is through the act of finding unique ways of duplicating our processes and business strategy. As a result, the competition creates a new identity for themselves; one that is lacking in originality. However, the strategy our competitors have adopted has forced us to look in the mirror and ask: Is it possible to reinvent something that has already been invented? Can we do better?

The answer to this question is a simple yes. Through reinvention, we have actually created an entirely new era in the remote doorman industry. One that is more technologically advanced than ever before and one that is pushing our competitors to continue to adopt our style of business in order to survive in this industry. Entrepreneur Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, once said “We are really competing against ourselves”. Without taking this stance, Virtual Doorman would no longer be an industry leader; but rather, an industry follower.


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Is There a New Industry Trend Emerging?

When someone is looking to upgrade the technology within their homes, most people consider two things:how can we upgrade to the latest form of television experience and how can we best secure our home to make sure we are protected? These two things can now be answered at the same time, seeing as some cable and satellite dish providers are starting to merge with home security companies. One of the most prominent names now entering into this type of merger is DIRECTV. DIRECTV will now start including different package options from LifeShield. LifeShield is a company that offers products and services very similar to Virtual Guard ( These package options will be included in their service to customers who install a DIRECTV satellite. Will this emerge as an industry trend, or is it simply a pilot test by DIRECTV to gain consumer recognition in the marketplace?


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Virtual Doorman Spotlight


Getting to Know “Travis” — the Virtual Doorman Operator in the Spotlight this month!


Q:  What is your favorite thing about being a Virtual Doorman?

A:  Getting to know tenants on a first name basis and greeting them when they arrive.


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A:  Play basketball


Q: What is your favorite quote?

A:  “Learning only occurs when a mistake has not been made twice”  – Albert Einstein


Q: What is one thing you simply can’t be without?

A: My Cell phone




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Exploring Different Types of Locks and Their Applications

A number of different locks can be used to secure buildings, though it is important to know which lock to use for each situation. If you manage a residential building with condominiums or apartments, then you may be wondering about the different types of locks that you can use to secure your building.


Key Locks
Traditional key locks are the most basic form of access control. Locks can be configured to require a key and have a master key that works multiple locks. The potential security risk with a traditional key lock is that they are easily duplicated and cannot be individually deactivated. As residents move in to and out of the building, they may make extra copies of their keys, which may not be returned when they leave. These extra keys, as well as lost keys, pose a security risk to the building. The only way to reestablish the security of the building is to rekey the locks when a key is lost, which is an expensive proposition. For a traditional key lock to be effective, managers must stay on top of key distribution and management. Traditional locks are best for areas where limited numbers of people will have access.

Combination Locks
Combination locks can be either electrified or mechanical. Mechanical locks typically accept only one PIN code in order to unlock the door, while electrified versions may be able to accept multiple user codes and provide a log of access if necessary. Combination locks, like traditional key locks have their benefits and risks. The main benefit is that users do not need to carry a set of keys. Users may find it difficult to remember the PIN code and PIN codes are easy to copy and pass along to other people. A good application for a combination lock is a building gym or storage area where tenants have individual locked units.

Electronic Card Locks
Electronic access systems that use key cards or fobs to grant access are another option for securing residential buildings. Access cards can double as identification cards, making it easy to check if a person is authorized to be in the building. For those providing services or maintenance in the building, access cards can be programmed to grant access only during specific times or days or only to certain areas of the building. A log can also be kept of who used their key card, when they used it, and where they used it. In addition, these cards are more difficult to duplicate than keys. If it is necessary to change the security in a building, the cards can be reprogrammed without having to be replaced. Electronic card access is best for building entrances and areas where many people will have access.

Keeping a building secure is important for all residents. At Virtual Doorman, we provide comprehensive building access control and security with electronic access systems. To learn more about electronic locks, call Virtual Doorman today at (917) 720-5416.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Condo/Coop Maintenance Fees

Your building’s maintenance fees are used wholesale nba jerseys to pay for a variety of services that benefit all residents. There are ways that you can utilize these fees to lower overall expenses, making it possible to lower your fees or to use be them for other Author purposes.


Repair Problems Right Away
As soon as you or a resident notice an Can issue in or around the building, arrange for it to be fixed. Promptly correcting problems will prevent them from becoming worse and costing additional money in the long run.

Conserve Resources
Maintenance fees are often used for communal resources, such as heating oil and electricity. While Audio-Only you may not be able to encourage each resident to conserve resources, you can take steps to update building features, such as installing CFL lighting or weatherstripping, which can help lower the building’s resource use and its expenses.

Install a Security System
When vandalism or theft is committed in a communal area of your building, money geile from the building operations fund is often required to wholesale jerseys repair or replace stolen and damaged items. A security system can help stop vandalism and theft from occurring at your building.

Utilize Adequate Fire Safety Devices
Fires not only pose a financial risk to buildings, but can also put a building’s residents in danger. Installing and maintaining adequate fire and life safety systems can help prevent fires, as well as the damage and losses associated with them.

Use a Virtual Monitoring System
Doormen provide valuable services, such as building access control and visitor management, for residential buildings. However, hiring a doorman may not fit into the goals or budget of your building. A remote doorman system provides the services of an actual doorman, and can have the cheap jerseys added Ethiopia feature of security and fire alarm monitoring.

The virtual monitoring systems pioneered by Virtual Doorman combine video security and building access control systems to to dramatically improve the safety and security of residential buildings. To learn more about Virtual Doorman, call us today at (917) 720-5416.

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How a Virtual Doorman Can Enhance the Marketability of Your Residential Building

In the current economic climate, selling a property isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you are looking to sell a residence inside a building, you either have to wait for the market to improve or accept a subpar offer. However, the right infrastructure and technological cheap jerseys upgrades can make your wholesale jerseys residential building difficult for buyers to resist. Here’s a brief overview of how Virtual Doorman can enhance your building’s marketability.


· 24/7 Access for Residents, Guests & Deliveries

It’s no surprise that tenants and potential buyers like amenities. Offer your pr?sentieren prospective residents the amenity of 24/7 security and remote doorman service. If tenants ever forget на their key or are locked out, they won’t have to pay for a locksmith and you won’t have to run over wholesale nfl jerseys with a wholesale nba jerseys spare set of keys. Virtual Doorman can grant access to the building and the package room. In the package room, tenants can use the electronic key safe in order to retrieve their spare set of keys. Similarly, wholesale nba jerseys busy professionals that work long hours are able to have their packages and dry cleaning dropped off and picked up while they’re pulling a late night at the office. No more coming home to a front door covered in UPS and FedEx “missed delivery” stickers. Residents are also able to grant guests access while they’re away through the Virtual Doorman service. People like housekeepers, dog walkers, family members, and contractors can be let into the building while the tenants are away. Virtual doorman is full of features that are sure to be a hit with current and future tenants.

· High-Quality Security

One thing that tenants look for in a new home is a high-quality security system that keeps their family Your and belongings safe all day, every day. Virtual Doorman combines CCTV and access control in order to provide a higher level of security EXTRANJERO coverage than When most buildings. The building is connected back to the monitoring station, where it is remotely managed and monitored. In the event of an incident, access cards can be blocked, reports can be run, and footage can be searched without needing to schedule an on site visit from a technician. The more secure your building is, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers.

· State-of-the-Art Building Access

With Virtual Doorman, your tenants and their visitors can check in with the trained personnel at the Command Center and gain access whenever needed. Virtual Doorman offers a streamlined, fully-integrated system that makes being a landlord a dream—once you install Virtual Doorman, you may find that you don’t want to sell your property after all!

If you are Incursions- thinking about installing a Virtual Doorman system in your residential building, call us today at (917) 720-5416. Since its introduction in 2000, Virtual Doorman has been constantly improving. More than a decade later, Virtual Doorman remains the premier remote doorman service, both in terms of security and quality of service. Don’t let your building fall behind in technology—speak with one of our friendly representatives today.

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Top Ways to Secure Your Building

Gaps in coverage and outdated security equipment can put your tenants and their belongings at risk. Keep your building safe with these key elements of an effective security system:

1. Building Access Control: Designated access cards or key fobs can serve as the first line Systems of defense against building intruders. Tenants can use their cards or Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys key fobs to activate an on-site reader and open doors, while time-specific cards can be given to authorized wholesale NFL jerseys visitors who are allowed access only during specific times of the day and days of the week. These cards will allow these individuals to enter the building only during the hours they are authorized to be there, while barring entry afterhours. The same card readers can be installed on elevators to Casal ensure privacy and security between floors. Card access privileges can be edited via a local computer or a dedicated remote management staff.

2. Video Monitoring: High-tech digital cameras The connected to a remote monitoring facility are quickly replacing the watchful eye of a traditional doorman. Unobtrusive cameras serve as deterrents without marring the visual appeal of your building. Images captured on these cameras and recorded on the integrated Digital Video Recorder can be used by police to identify intruders. The Virtual Doorman system offers 24-hour support from dedicated staff members, who keep a close wholesale jerseys eye on your building with a real-time stream of the system’s cameras.

3. Visitor Management: An intercom system allows guests to communicate with tenants via a panel installed at the building entrance. Access into the building is granted for authorized guests after the tenant hits a button to “buzz in” his or her guest. The Virtual Doorman system takes this process one step further. Not only do the Operators have wholesale MLB jerseys the ability to remotely buzz in authorized visitor if the tenant is not there to handle this themselves, but the Operators also keeps an eye out for intruders attempting to tailgate (i.e. Regional follow another person into the building before the door closes). The two-way intercom can be used to alert intruders that their presence is not authorized, their activities Tüm are being recorded, and police are en route.

Cutting-edge technology wholesale MLB jerseys from Virtual Doorman improves safety while cutting operating expenses. Call (917) 720-5416 for more information.

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When to Choose a Video Intercom System Over Audio-Only Intercom Systems

Intercom systems let you add wholesale nba jerseys an extra level of security to your building or private home. A virtual doorman system compliments a standard intercom system wholesale nfl jerseys in order to give you additional functionality when you New are not home. Use a video intercom system to enhance your property with the following functions:


· Audio Only Intercom Systems
Intercom systems that only provide audio communication allow you to speak with the person at the intercom panel before choosing to grant access to them. Systems may also include concierge stations, which let cheap jerseys you use the intercom to contact the resident superintendent or doorman.

· Video Intercom Systems
Video intercom systems add an extra layer of security over audio only intercoms. Intercom units include a video screen which displays a live video feed from the intercom call station at the front door. This allows residents to visually verify the person at the door prior to granting them access. Video systems may also include audio only communication with the concierge or resident super. Additionally, some systems cheap jerseys may include picture memory at or voice Nedir? memo options which allow you to review images of anyone who attempted to visit you while you were away.

· Remote Doorman

Intercom systems are only beneficial when someone is in the home or My apartment and able to answer the call. For times when you are away, consider adding the functionality and features of a remote doorman service such as Virtual Doorman®. Remote doorman systems offer the benefit of granting access to guests and accepting deliveries when you are not home. Additionally, the system records the video from the entrance for a higher level of security.

With the help of Virtual Doorman, you can keep your home safe from intruders. Our cheap jerseys revolutionary technology also makes it easy to welcome visitors and get packages and deliveries. To learn more about the system, please call (917) 720-5416

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