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What is Virtual Doorman?

Virtual Doorman is a unique 24/7 service that provides many of the features of a traditional doorman. This innovative service combines video security, electronic access control and alarm monitoring in order to provide your building with heightened security and modern amenities. Virtual DoormanTM is an exclusive product of Virtual Service, a New York based security company with extensive background in residential security and service.

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What can Virtual Doorman do for me?

The Virtual Doorman offers four major benefits to tenants. The first is that tenants can receive packages and deliveries such as dry cleaning while they are out of their apartment. This prevents the inconvenience of multiple delivery attempts or having to go pick up your parcel from the distribution center.

The second benefit is that the Virtual Doorman can grant access to your building for your guests or staff such as your cleaning service, dog walker or friends. These people are able to get into your building without requiring you to provide them with a physical key.

The third major benefit is that in the event that you lose your keys, the Virtual DoormanTM can grant you access to the building. This way you won’t be stuck out in the cold. If your building has a key safe, you can even retrieve your spare set of keys, completely preventing a lockout situation.

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Finally, the Virtual Doorman offers tenants a first point of contact when there is a problem with the building such as a leak in the basement, a problem with the elevator or other such issues. The Virtual Doorman service allows your guests and deliveries to be granted access to the building when you are away from home.

When a delivery comes to your building, the delivery person uses the Virtual Doorman service to gain entry to your building and then unlocks the package room so that your package can be delivered. Upon receipt of a package, the Operator at the monitoring center sends out a notification email to you informing you of your recent delivery. The next time you come home, you simply pick up your package from the package room before heading up to your apartment.

Major bonded companies such as Federal Express, UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service are automatically granted access. Any other delivery companies can be added by contacting Virtual Service.

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For guests and services, Virtual Doorman offers an added layer of security. For dog walkers or cleaning personnel, security is increased by providing them with a copy of your apartment key. Your service people use Virtual Doorman to gain entrance to the building. In the event that you change service providers in the future, you can instruct Virtual Doorman to deny access to your former service providers.

You can use the system in the same way if you have a friend who will be taking care of your apartment while you are on vacation, or if your parents will be in town and staying at your place. The Virtual Doorman can be configured to allow access to anyone you choose. You can also choose to be notified when the person arrives. This insures that you will remain informed and in control of who will be granted access to your building.

If you are ever in the unfortunate position of losing your keys and being locked out, Virtual Doorman can grant you access to your building. This way, if you need a locksmith, you can wait comfortably inside your building until he arrives. If your building has a key safe, you can retrieve your spare set of keys and use them to make a replacement copy.

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Even if you run out to the store and have your apartment key, but forgot your card for the front door, Virtual Doorman can let you back in upon your return. An additional benefit of Virtual Doorman is that there’s always someone to contact in the event of an emergency or problem. The Operators at the monitoring center have all the contact information for the people related to your building, including the management company, the super, and various maintenance companies.

Although Virtual Doorman is not meant to replace your management company, it is not always possible to reach someone in the event of an urgent matter or emergency and the additional contacts that Virtual Doorman Operators have access to may be able to provide a solution.

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How is Virtual Doorman used?

The system is very easy for people to use, even without prior experience or explanation. Upon arriving at the building, people typically try the tenant intercom first in order to try contacting you directly. If you are home, you can choose to let the visitor into the building. In the event that you are not home or are occupied and unable to answer, the person simply presses the Virtual Doorman button which is typically located beside the tenant intercom.

As the system connects the person to an Operator, a message is played which explains the service and lets them know that they will be helped momentarily. Once the system connects, the Operator is able to see and follow the person using the building’s camera system. They are also able to talk with the person at the door and determine who they are and what their business is with the building.

If the person is listed in the Virtual Doorman software, the Operator will grant them access and monitor their delivery if required. If they are an unexpected guest or delivery, such as flowers on your birthday, the Operator will attempt to contact you using the information you provided to determine whether you wish to allow the person into the building. If the person is granted access to the building, you will receive a notification email from the operator with any relevant information, such as the number of packages and where they were dropped off.

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What do I do if I want to add or delete someone from my access list?

You are able to manage your guest list and contact information by using the interactive web portal. Please contact Virtual Service about setting up an account. For best results, please inform Virtual Service at least 24 hours in advance of any expected deliveries or guests. Regular guests like cleaning personnel, babysitters, and dog walkers can also be given electronic access cards so that they can enter the building without using the service. In the event that you no longer use any of these services, the access cards can be deactivated remotely by Virtual Service.

Please contact Virtual Service if you have any additional questions or wish to order extra cards or key fobs.