We were the first to market and launched the remote doorman industry with our innovative system. Now we have taken the industry to a whole new level.

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More than a decade ago, Virtual Doorman® was the first to provide 24/7 doorman services from an off-site command center staffed with a highly-trained and responsive monitoring team. At 10% of the cost of a doorman, this amazing system secures the building, greets visitors and provides access, accepts deliveries, facilitates maintenance and service calls and provides peace of mind.

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Always at the forefront of technology and service, we offer new and innovative features, like our Interactive Web Portal, the Virtual Doorman-on-the-GoTM Mobile App, our Red Hat Concierge Services and even Audio/Video Analytics. Your building deserves the highest quality service and technology.

Don’t trust your building’s security and residents’ peace of mind to just anyone.

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